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Prices & Styles

Free Consultation before Application

At Divine Lashes LLC we are commited to work with you, so we can together achieve the most suitable set to go with your Eye Shape, Life Style, and desired effect. Always keeping the Natural Health of your lashes as our number one priority.




Classic Lashes

Our Classic Lashes are the most popular and commonly applied Eyelash Extensions.

They are placed 1x 1 on your Natural Lash so that the effect is very Natural and subtle.

The more Natural Lashes you have,  the more  fuller the look. 

You can choose the Lenght and Curl that will complement beautifully with your eyes. 

Time :  1hr 30mins  to 2hrs  

Price:   $200

Volume Lashes

This Style is a real game changer. The technique is designed to give you the most amazing and fuller look.  We will manually create a beautiful fan made of single lashes, and due to the thinnest thickness of the newest lashes in the market, we can go from 3-7 lashes per Natural lash, to create the ultimate look! We can be as demure or as bold as you like. 

Time: 1hr 30mins o 2hrs

Price: $200 

Professional Removals

We recomend them every 2 to 3 weeks, and will take aproximately 1hour. You must still have at least 50% of your initial set remaining.



WE do not offer Mink Eyelash due to ethical and health issues...

Not happy with another Eyelash Extensions Technician's Job?

We can Remove your existing Eyelash Extensions for the above price, to start your brand new Divine-Lashes Set! 


Refer to our Removals Price List below.

Even though EyeLash Extensions are a completely Safe and totally painless Beauty treatment, that has been in the Market for several years, it is important to choose your Eyelash Extensions Professional carefully.


  If Divine-Lashes Original Application :  $30

  If  Another Eyelash Technician's job:    $50

We only use Semi-permanent eyelash extensions that are made from synthetic hair with maximum sanitation control.


Our premium synthetic mink and Silk extensions are also made form synthetic fibers and are more finely cut to mimic the natural feature of real mink hair. We  never use real human or animal hair as has been proven to cause  allergic reactions.


There is some Negative  Press on regards of EyeLash Extensions at the moment. It is becoming a growing trend from unlicensed operators in the beauty industry, that are giving this bad results and scaring potencial customers away.


Bad Higiene (resultling in temporary eye/eyelid damage), Poor Technique, Strong irritating Glues, Bad quality products not FDA approved, etc.   

"Here is an example of a bad Eyelash Extensions Application... the Lashes are stuck to each other...

They look completly artificial and the clustered lashes will eventually cause damage to the Natural EyeLashes..."

...NOT a Divine-Lashes Look!

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